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Crossdressers are usually intelligent, successful and more sensitive than average.

Crossdressing is an expression of their feminine side.

This can lead to a sense of isolation and sometimes self-destructive behaviors such as alcohol or drug abuse.

On the positive side, there are many more resources available for crossdressers now.

Many seek to meet other CD’s or admirers online at social sites, message forums, chat rooms and crossdresser dating sites.

It is known to greatly relieve stress and tension and may be therapeutic in that regard. There may be, however, certain cases where the cross dressing creates difficulties in marriage, employment or other responsibilities.

Many crossdressers are married and cross dress to relieve their stress and slip the bonds imposed by the strict definitions of male and female in our society.Crossdressers usually maintain a separate male life, apart from their crossdressing persona which they allow out to play at times.Crossdressers (sometimes written as cross dressers or abbreviated as CD’s) are a largely misunderstood group, yet they make up the largest single sub-group within the larger transgender community.Many outsiders believe the popular misconception that cross dressing is the pastime of gay men and that the act of cross dressing is perverse. A Crossdresser usually self identifies as a male and they may or may not be heterosexual.Many men want to meet crossdressers but lack a basic understanding of the different types of transgender folks.

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You’ve probably met crossdressers and didn’t even know it.