Gay dating salt lake city

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Gay dating salt lake city

I’m already cooking up some projects in my head that will most likely come to fruition in Salt Lake.Salt Lake and Phoenix are both in the category of places people think are not that cool but are actually pretty damn cool. The family lines for both of my parents have roots in Utah dating back to the 1870s when our ancestors joined the Mormon Church and emigrated to Zion.Salt Lake and Utah County (shudder) are not unfamiliar to me.I’ve kept this “secret” for a while and by “secret” I mean I’ve been talking about it for months: I’m moving to Salt Lake on July 28th. I am sad to leave because the desert was my first true love and I’ll miss it, but a new chapter of life is about to begin. I’ve been in Utah for one reason or another every single year of my life since moving away. Deep down, I knew I wasn’t going to be in Phoenix forever but I didn’t think I’d move quite so soon. I lived in Utah until I was nearly 9 years old (I don’t consider it the place where I did my “growing up”) but Utah has been the one and only constant in my life.

Salt Lake is now the epicenter where two of my main interests (Mormonism and LGBT rights) intersect.

I walked east along Roosevelt Row through crowded streets full of people. Everywhere crowds and music and food and art and noise and people walking around Downtown Phoenix.

In places where political oppression and fear dominate, the counterculture and underground thrives.

I’m looking forward to exploring it and being involved in all things related to Downtown Salt Lake the way I have been in Downtown Phoenix. I’ve been going to First Friday downtown since 2007 (before light rail when it was a total pain to drive) and oh my how First Friday has grown!

I left Utah as a boy, a newly baptized, believing member of the Mormon Church.

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I’m going back as an out and proud gay man, a non-believing Mormon who has had his name removed from the records of the Church.