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The Ge'ez or Ethiopic script possibly developed from the Sabaean/Minean script.

The earliest known inscriptions in the Ge'ez script date to the 5th century BC. Vowel indication started to appear in 4th century AD during the reign of king Ezana, though might have developed at a earlier date.

The easiest way to insure you get good sensitivity when using a commercial split receiver on 2M is have the crystal company build a crystal for high-side injection.

The first, Yahoo Groups GE, covers anything GE, the second, Yahoo Groups GE-MASTRII covers just the MASTR II series, and the third is for the MASTR III series.

If you are at all serious about any of the GE radios I suggest that you join one or more of the groups.

Ge'ez (ግዕዝ), the classical language of Ethiopia which is still used as a liturgical language by Ethiopian christians and the Beta Israel Jewish community of Ethiopia.

Amharic (ኣማርኛ), the national language of Ethiopia, has about 27 million speakers. There are Amharic speakers in a number of other countries, particularly in Egypt, Israel and Sweden.

Century II Custom MVP Delta Exec II Info Frequency Agility LBIs Manuals and Technical Info MASTR II Mobile and Station MASTR II Mobile MASTR II Station MASTR II Miscellaneous MASTR II 220 MHz Conversions MASTR II Mobile Suppliers MASTR III Station MASTR Pro MLS and MLS-II Monogram MPA M-RK MVS PCS Phoenix and Phoenix SX RANGR Test Sets and Tuning Tools Trivia and Miscellaneous We have very little information on the MASTR IIe or MASTR III series. A GE Technical Services Memo on substituting the UHF PA transistors Donated by Darrell Manning KI4BST 96 k B PDF file This writeup explains how to use Motorola MRF646s in the four-transistor UHF PA.

Any time I see someone complaining they are unable to get rated sensitivity from a 150.8 to 174 MHz MASTR II receiver, I find the fix is usually correcting a low Local Oscillator injection level.

Over the last several years the company originally known as the Land Mobile Radio Division of General Electric Company has been sold several times.

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The names have included General Electric, Ericsson, Com-Net Critical Communications, M/A-Com, Tyco and now Harris.