Genuine christian dating sites

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Genuine christian dating sites

However – God also many times intervenes at various times of His choosing to heal and display His power and glory – and not only that – Jesus ALWAYS healed that came to him when he walked the earth.

But how can I cope as a Christian with this terrible prognosis?

Money is not evil, in fact is is neither good nor bad – it’s merely a method of paying for goods and services, but serving money is what mammon is, and serving money is what is wrong here.

late Middle English: via late Latin from New Testament Greek mamōnas (see Matt. The word was taken by medieval writers as the name of the devil of covetousness, and revived in this sense by Milton.

I myself am not sure but I know a man and woman that may be able to help you get through cancer.

I hope these two videos give you inspiration to put your trust totally in God your creator who knows suffering Himself whilst on earth.

Money is mentioned all throughout the Bible and a HUGE part of the commands are related to the handling of money.Besides, the Bible makes it absolutely clear that Satan, having decided not to serve God, now has another purpose to serve; to chasten the disobedient, to punish and blind the wicked and to purify the obedient.But He will not do away with the Devil as that is the Devil’s whole complaint in the first place – that God forces His will on others and does not offer us true freedom. Answer: because if all we have to do is speak words to unleash all kinds of blessings on untold numbers of what would otherwise be bad people and situations, and bind up all kinds of evil – then why not? It’s a scary disease – and something that I have not yet had to face or cope with (yet I am told we all actually have cancer cells in us – it’s just a case of wether the body is removing these damaged cells effectively or not) but we know the world, and creation including our genes and bodies are fallen, and accordingly, bad things come upon those that love god and those that don’t – and we we read this in the Bible.This article attempts to help, advise and inspire Christians and others on how they can deal with the diagnosis of having stage 4 or what may turn out to be terminal cancer through belief and trust in God.Mammon is not, as some translations say ‘money’ itself. Mammon is more that money – the Bible is referring to the evil spiritual power that grips and enslaves men through money.

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Derek Prince gives the best and most through walk-through on this subject in my opinion – at least that I have heard.