Gwynne dating service in new york

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Gwynne dating service in new york

You are bringing me one step closer to finding a suitable living situation and room mate. Sending a great big Thank You for your excellent service, which helped snag me an amazing new roommate for my apartment in less than a week.

I got maybe twice as many responses as I did from an unnamed major competitor.

Our building was just sold to developers & we're having a hell of a time finding any landlords who will entertain a married couple who both run our own creative businesses!

I will definitely be using Listings Project for similar future needs!I have never contacted anyone on the Listings Project but two years ago when heading to my home town of NYC on sabbatical, I checked it out on the recommendation of a friend.Because of the success of my class, I’ll offer a grammar class soon. Your email today for example, came at a time when I've been feeling exactly the same way about internet and computers, etc.Anyway, all of that to tell you thank you, and I really appreciate your site because though I still have not found anything in NY(where I am looking), I have went on at least one apartment viewing so far, and this is way more than any other site I have tried.I want to write and say thank you so much for setting this up--we ended up finding a roommate in less than 24 hours thanks to the Listings Project's magic! We are relocating to NYC and needed a studio to work. I get new students nearly every time I post, and several of them are now working as full-time medical editors.

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I have already told five of my friends to use you and they are equally as delighted. Didn’t know where to go or how about finding a space. Without exception, everyone who has come to me through Listings Project has been professional, friendly, smart, and very well suited for this job. I just wanted to write you back to tell you that I love how real and human your emails are to all of us.

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