How to tell your friend they are dating a loser dating sites in arlington tx

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How to tell your friend they are dating a loser

Unfortunately, most women (and men) who are mired in bad relationships have a web of psychological issues that hold them there.Is one of your friends dating someone who disrespects her; treats her unkindly; or even lies, cheats, or takes financial advantage?You’re probably at your wit’s end, but it’s hard to help someone who is deluding herself, trying to make something work that was broken from the start.And if her past traumas have scarred her with feelings of low self-esteem or self-worth, she may be living out Groucho Marx’s rule of not wanting to join any club “that would have me as a member!” She may shun men who treat her decently, because her no-account boyfriend’s piercing insults or blatant thoughtlessness confirm the low esteem she holds herself in.It doesn’t exactly hurt to remind her of the bad times he’s caused, but don’t tear your hair out expecting her to respond to facts alone.His negative behavior may be at some level the exact thing that attracts her to him.Unfortunately, in these situations it almost never works to come right out and complain.

Here’s some advice on how to help your friend dump that chump and get out of the situation that’s holding back her happiness.Stating the Facts Won’t Help Have you ever watched a horror movie and screamed, “Don’t open that door! It never works—the heroine always walks through the obviously dangerous door, right smack-dab into the carnivorous birds or league of zombies.Bad relationships are like that, except that the person keeps going back again and again for more no matter how loud you yell.If your friend is dating a chump, you’ve probably left enough obvious hints that her boyfriend is a good-for-nothing.Use Psychology If your otherwise smart friend is letting her life get ruined by a parasitic loser, it’s likely because this monster in some way fills a dark void in your friend’s past, replacing it with an ugly but otherwise manageable present.

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He’s the absent father who was never there to tuck her in, the boozer whose self-pity was his excuse for never keeping a job.

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