Importance of updating real time data

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Importance of updating real time data

As today's decisions in the business world become more real-time, the systems that support those decisions need to keep up.It is only natural that Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Decision Support, and OLAP systems quickly begin to incorporate real-time data.The fast pace of business today is quickly making these historical systems less valuable to the issues facing managers and government officials in the real world.Morning sales on the east coast will affect how stores are stocked on the west coast.Airlines and government agencies need to be able to analyze the most current information when trying to detect suspicious groups of passengers or potentially illegal activity.Fast-paced changes in the financial markets may make the personalized suggestions on a stockbroker's website obsolete by the time they are viewed.

Traditionally data warehouses do not contain today's data.They are usually loaded with data from operational systems at most weekly or in some cases nightly, but are in any case a window on the past.Data warehouses and business intelligence applications are designed to answer exactly the types of questions that users would like to pose against real-time data.They are able to analyze vast quantities of data over time, to determine what is the best offer to make to a customer, or to identify potentially fraudulent, illegal, or suspicious activity.One of the most difficult parts of building any data warehouse is the process of extracting, transforming, cleansing, and loading the data from the source system.

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