In cellvalidating event

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In cellvalidating event

Add(ts) End Sub End Class Public Class Data Grid Combo Box Column Inherits Data Grid Text Box Column Public With Events Column Combo Box As No Key Up Combo 'special class Private With Events cm Source As Currency Manager Private m Row Num As Integer Private is Editing As Boolean Dim str Values() As String = {"Austria", "Germany", "Netherlands", "United Kingdom", "Florida", "New York"} Shared Sub New() End Sub Public Sub New() My Base.

Hide() End Sub Protected Overrides Function Get Column Value At Row(By Val source As System. Get Column Value At Row(source, row Num)) Return str Values(int Value) End Function End Class Public Class No Key Up Combo Inherits Combo Box Protected Overrides Sub Wnd Proc(By Ref m As System. New() Column Combo Box = New No Key Up Combo Add Handler Column Combo Box.

Edit(source, row Num, bounds, read Only1, instant Text, cell Is Visible) m Row Num = row Num cm Source = source Column Combo Box. Text = Get Column Value At Row(source, row Num) Text Box. Column Started Editing(Direct Cast(sender, Control)) End Sub Private Sub Leave Combo Box(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) _ Handles Column Combo Box. Selection Change Committed, _ New Event Handler(Address Of Combo Start Editing) End Sub Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Edit(By Val source As Currency Manager, _ By Val row Num As Integer, By Val bounds As Rectangle, By Val read Only1 As Boolean, _ By Val instant Text As String, By Val cell Is Visible As Boolean) My Base. New() Column Combo Box = New No Key Up Combo Add Handler Column Combo Box. Microsoft has not direct from the box a newer Data Grid that can show relational datatables in one Grid. After draging a Datagrid on the form , pasting in this code below and changing in the code below the Server name for yours.

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For that the Windows Forms Data Grid can still be used in Framework 4.

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