International muslim dating

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International muslim dating

Although Irshad's family isn't aganist her dating, they have taken things into their own hands."My parents and my grandparents are constantly asking other people, anyone they meet 'do you know anyone good for my daughter? Irshad says her parents aren’t pushing her into a marriage, rather "helping" in the process.

"The only evidence that they had that the other person existed before their marriage night was simply a small black-and-white picture and the good wishes of a couple of relatives," he says.

"That's all they knew." Shaikh's parents are Muslim and they lived in India at the time of their wedding back in the 1970s.

At home, "there was no such thing as the words dating or relationships.

It was just something that was non-existent," he recalls. "You see your friends, they go out on movie dates and they go to the mall and they hold hands," he says. And this creates a dilemma for young Muslims in search of love.

There were about 30 students and a couple of women wore colorful headscarves.

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Muslim chaplain Celene Ibrahim Lizzio spoke about the "spiritual aspects of finding a spouse" — of asking God for guidance in finding love.

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