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Is colin farrell dating jamelia

Crowe and Farrell did not know each other before filming began and observers had speculated that the two macho men would not get along and that a fight scene between them could turn real."It's very expensive and it's the nasal fluid of a dragon and when I finish it I'm going to live forever." He laughs."No, it's just celery and kale and ginger and stuff." A few years ago Colin Farrell would no more have been caught drinking a health drink than he would go into a bar and not order a beer.I'm very lucky in that respect because I know people who have had a longer period of sobriety than me and they still miss it every day and it's a struggle for them." It did, he admits, take him quite a long time to reform."When I got sober, it was the right time for me to get sober," he says.Colin Farrell strolls into the hotel suite, grimacing as he sips from a glass of disgusting-looking green liquid."It tastes even worse than it looks," he says with a grin.

Farrell is casually dressed in shirt sleeves and slacks and wears rimless glasses, a recent acquisition because he "kind of started squinting a lot when I was trying to read things at a distance so I went and got my eyes checked and here I am." In the movie, set in a mythic New York City and spanning more than a century, he portrays a thief whose own heart is stolen by a beautiful dying young woman, played by Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay.But both are being hunted by a demonic villain portrayed by Russell Crowe."I could have done it earlier, for sure, and I would have saved a lot of money and a good deal of heartbreak, but I'm lucky enough to have made it anyway and I'm grateful for that. "All the madness and all the chaos and all the people around me got so tiring after a while that I had to find another way, and while I don't live a monk-like existence, I have a new appreciation for solitude that would have terrified me years ago. It was interesting to experience, but I'm glad it's passed."Now I do a bit of yoga, I like a nice hike and I drink dragon nasal juice." A conversation with Colin Farrell is always profanity-laced, often hilarious and usually profound and this time is no exception.But the 37-year-old actor, who built a raucous reputation as a heavy-drinking hell-raiser when he arrived in Hollywood, hasn't had a drink for eight years and is happy to say he doesn't miss it.

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"I don't take it for granted and I don't undermine how difficult my journey to getting sober was, but now I'm in a really different life and I don't miss it.

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  2. I watch porn as much as the next guy, but I don't go researching who they are and stuff like that. " I thought they were pulling some elaborate prank on me. How did you start telling your friends and family, and especially your mom, about her? I think it was probably about three days after [I met her]. Has she been one of the more adventurous partners you've had?