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Source: Jerusalem Post Tequila accused Sarah Silverman and the Jews of killing Jesus before saying the comedian was next on a celebrity sacrifice list.

Jesus will come back too just dont tell the Jews about it, Twitter user Kaiser Poopfist I tweeted at Tequila.

Last year she was kicked off of the show Celebrity Big Brother for wearing a Nazi uniform. utm_source=copy+of+newsletter+&utm_campaign=newsletter_21_6 She's written several coherent, albeit seriously misguided, articles where she defends Hitler as: "not a bad person as they have painted him out to be. And remember, 'reality programming' is a term for any documentary you don't like or which is about a subject not deemed worthy by the speaker.Republicans say Michael Moore's documentaries are scripted and contrived, that's what I'm saying.It's not an effective argument, it speaks in generalities about a large form which actually ranges from the sublime to the horrific.As Raw Story reported, Tequila continued her rant by saying she would take vengeance on Silverman.This is not the first time Tequila has expressed anti-Semitic views.

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It affected him, made him grumpy and a bit of a recluse - but it made him stronger too, and as an adult some of those who taunted him as a child came to respect him for his business sense and good judgment overall.

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