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Based on clipping experiments, low tolerance of prairie sage to grazing is expected, because grazing reduces shoot growth rates as well as the number and length of shoot branches per ramet. Tea made with prairie sage was used in Mexican traditional medicine to alleviate intestinal pain [108]. While some authors report increased prairie sage growth in response to grazing [2,119], others have found prairie sage in substantially lower density on grazed sites than on ungrazed sites [19]. Effect of topographic position and fire on species composition in tallgrass prairie in northeast Kansas. Field studies suggest a high degree of success can be expected with prairie sage transplanting [116], and stalks may grow 3 feet (1 m) tall by the end of summer after spring transplanting [96].

In cooking, they used prairie sage to flavor meat [22]. Other Native American uses included roofing houses and wattling walls [12]. Prairie sage seeds germinate well in the laboratory at 59-77 Native Americans burned prairie sage for incense [119] and ceremonial purposes [53,109]. If seeded, prairie sage may establish in greater density when seeded with perennial grass mixtures [23]. Effects of season of burning on the microenvironment of fescue prairie in central Saskatchewan. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory (Producer).

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However, prairie sage may produce more rhizomes in response to defoliation [30].