Leo star sign compatibility chart dating

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Leo star sign compatibility chart dating

While your Sun sign is certainly an important and influential part of your personality, it is only a piece of the personality puzzle.

The placement of the Moon and other planets at the time of your birth also had an influence on who you are today.

Some astrologers will tell you that your Venus sign represents your "ideal" partner. In my experience, it points more to the qualities you are attracted to.As we all know though, what we are attracted to isn't always what is best for us!The placement of Venus in your chart can tell you how you view the concept of relationships. It is also a childish and sometimes selfish placement.The qualities of the sign will heavily influence your views on entering into relationships and sustaining relationships. Much like a child, it can make one impulsive in starting relationships and while passionate about them, sometimes easily bored as well. Your Venus sign will provide clues to what you seek in a partner.My husband, on the other hand, has Venus in Libra - a true romantic at heart who hates to be alone but would never admit it. If, for instance, you have Venus in Leo, then you need, and thrive on, attention.

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Look to your Venus sign to tell you what you are seeking in a relationship. You need someone that can allow you to be center stage most of the time. A Venus in Scorpio individual will be fiercely committed, but tend to be possessive and potentially jealous in a relationship.