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What I like most about Manhattan is that it is not just for a niche group of people; it’s for everyone!Here you’ll find tattooed dapper genderqueers; hip hop honeys; bougie L-word types; old school dykes rocking fanny packs and leather vests; power gallerinas; and doms and studs! If someone tries to tell you that there is nothing left in Manhattan for queers, you need not look further than this guide to prove them wrong.Cubbyhole: Too-cool-for-school kids roll their eyes at this lesbian bar that has become a queer institution in Manhattan’s West Village.

(281 West 12th Street, New York, NY) Henrietta Hudson: Going 20 years strong, this keep-it-simple lesbian club has three small rooms: one with a dance floor, one with a pool table, and one with make-out couches. Henrietta Hudson hosts a different party every night (e.g., Sunday’s Roc da Mic Karaoke and Wednesday’s Tócame Noche Latina) that caters to their diverse clientele.This is often the go-to club for outta towners, so you can find lots of fresh meat here!I relocated to Manhattan in 1999 and I live in a historically wealthy neighborhood just a few short blocks away from Central Park, Madonna, and Anthony Bourdain.Interestingly, my rent is cheaper (and I mean way cheaper) than some “grimier” neighborhoods in Brooklyn, which exemplifies that gentrification is alive and well in places where hipsters are trying to keep the façade of “edginess.” (Bklyn Boihood has a good post on said gentrification.) Yes, other neighborhoods and boroughs may be the “new black.” But Manhattan is the new Manhattan…and in certain respects, the old Manhattan.I braced myself for the usual “Manhattan’s queer and art scenes are so over” speech.

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