Lgtb dating site

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Lgtb dating site

Many LGBT Armenians fear being socially outcast by their friends and families, causing them to keep their sexual orientation or gender identity private.Recently, the LGBT community in Armenia has become better connected due to social media, although a sense of fear and a desire for anonymity remains due to the nation's conservative culture.A glimpse at what was on the mind of Brandonites on this day in past years2015 loans High temp: 4.1, Low: 02014 What would you do....taxes....2013 can anyone identify what these items are for?However, even though it has been decriminalized, the situation of local lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens has not changed substantially.Homosexuality remains a taboo topic in many parts of Armenian society.In a 2012 study, 55% of correspondents in Armenian stated that they would cease their relationship with a friend or relative if they were to come out as gay.

The specific article of the penal code was 116, dating back to 1936, and the maximum penalty was 5 years.

The abolition of the anti-gay law along with the death penalty was among Armenia's pre-accession conditions to the Council of Europe back in 2001.

In December 2002, Azgayin Zhoghov (National Assembly) has approved the new penal code in which the anti-gay article has been removed.

The mediatization of his case signed the first gay "coming out" in Armenia.

On 1 August 2003 the President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan has ratified it bringing to an end the decades of repression against gay men in this South Caucasian Republic.

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There were 7 prosecutions in 1996 and 4 in 1997 under this law (Amnesty International 1999 Report on Armenia); and 4 in 1999 (Opinion of the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee of the Council of Europe on the accession of Armenia - Doc. In 2001, local human rights NGO "Helsinki Association" In 1999 the young man was sentenced to 3 months of imprisonment for having sex with another man. In his testimony, he denounced prison guard abuse and mistreatment but also the corrupted judge who shortened his sentence for a $US 1000 bribe.

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