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Lotteries dating religion

Robert Bentley has announced a date for the special session of the Legislature to consider a lottery proposal. The governor had announced on Wednesday he would call the session to propose a lottery, which he says would generate 5 million a year to help pay for state services.

The governor announced the date in a video on his website this morning.

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"I can't bear to think of a half a million children who through no fault of their own are born into poverty and have no way to get basic medical treatment that they need to grow and to be healthy and strong." Rep.

Craig Ford: Lottery should go to college scholarships The Legislature passed a budget over the governor's veto earlier this year and appropriated 0 million to the Medicaid Agency from the General Fund for the fiscal year starting Oct. Medicaid needs an additional million to maintain services and continue a planned transition to a managed care system, according to the agency and the governor.

In order for the lottery proposal to be on the ballot in the Nov.

8 general election, the Legislature would have to approve a proposed constitutional amendment no later than Aug. Southern Baptist leader questions motives behind lottery push Bentley said the state needs to resolve financial problems that he said have held it back for decades.

"After we've exhausted all other options, I believe this is our best chance to solve this problem," the governor said. It's about our people." The most pressing immediate need is funding for the Alabama Medicaid Agency, the governor has said.

"I will not, as your governor, and also as a physician, watch as our most vulnerable and most helpless, go without a doctor's care.

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