Marriage and dating customs in peru

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I need to sit immediately adjacent to my mate whenever in a room of people.If I find someone who speaks English, I am to ignore them if I have no prior relationship.My job is to pay for things, carry things, and be there.Additionally, my mate makes it very obvious that she is attached to me when we are in the presence of other women.At a bar, party, family gathering, or other, I should not talk to other women, let alone acknowledge their presence.Barging into their lives each week to say hello is difficult for them.

Peruvian women are passionately protective about their expat men, to the point of being almost a Keeper.I have children in the US whom I talk to on the phone weekly.Lima Divorced and in a hopefully long-term relationship I'm hoping that my experience isn't what it's like for all people in my shoes; but just in case, being a divorced male in Peru is like being a kid in a candy shop.This has significant drawbacks, especially if you are also involved in a relationship with a Peruana.My mate has a child whom I spend time with playing, biking, beaching, walking to school, and going out on the town.

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My children in the US know this and do not particularly like it.