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Net xmlvalidatingreader

I realize that xsi:schema Location and xsi:no Namespace Schema Location are hints, and thus get ignored or treated loosely.But pointing to multiple schemas in the same namespace is hard even if you use the API to control a schema processor.The Microsoft W3C XML Schema implementations pick the first schema they see and associate that with the namespace then ignores the other specified locations.ANSWER: If you allow and both to specify types in the same namespace, it's hard to implement a processor for this validation language. NET Schema validator, I can find no way to specify a generalized collection of Schemas to be used to validate a document.Instead, they must be broken out into one xsd file per namespace, with additional Schema files brought in by xsd:include into the one schema matching the target Namespace. NET Xml Validating Reader class used in the Xsd example in

File Name=Xsd, which uses an Xml Schema Collection to map from namespace URI to schema file.

As expected, the Xml Schema Collection appears to keep only one xsd file per namespace (the last, btw, not the first).

Remember that xsd:import's schema Location is also a hint, so we can't have just one big file that both imports and includes.

Naively (i.e., before today) I'd have thought you define a language that uses this to mean "validate the file with the three xsd files specified, and figure out their namespaces." A processor for this validation language would get the locations of all the schemas required for processing, collect them together along with the target Namespaces of each, and invoke a Schema validator on the specified document.

Is this an implementation convenience as well, or is it an expression of some deeper issue about schemas and document classes and namespaces? -----Original Message----- From: Dare Obasanjo [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 PM To: Wo Chang; XML Subject: RE: [xml-dev] using schema Location to point multiple same namespace schemas I can't find any where in the W3C XML Schema recommendation where this is disallowed but I can understand why a schema validator would want to disallow that to reduce implementation complexity.

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Given that xsi:schema Location is considered to be a hint, implementations are given a lot of leeway in how they treat its contents if at all.