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It looks like Maripier Morin is going to get a little more Canadiens support when the second season of Hockey Wives returns.W Network confirmed two new Wives are joining the cast: Rhianna Weaver, who is married to Mike Weaver, and Keshia Chanté, who is dating Flyers goalie Ray Emery.

A second casting announcement is expected at a later date.Don’t except a showdown between Morin and Weaver this season though; the ladies are actually good friends when the cameras are off.That means viewers can expect a good chunk of the season to be focused on Marin’s new engagement to Canadiens forward Brandon Prust, and the planning of their upcoming wedding.Here’s hoping De Wulf, who has talked about not getting along with many of the other wives because she considers herself a career woman, has finally met her match in Chanté.Between being a singer and songwriter, a host and personality, a philanthropist who has volunteered in Africa and Dominican Republic, and what Fashion Television calls a “fashion icon,” it’s safe to say Chanté’s hectic schedule rivals De Wulf’s.

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Personally, we’re still holding out for Elisha Cuthbert.

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