Nude sackville

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Nude sackville

Her own brilliance has aroused great brilliance in others.But much of the writing on Woolf has been addressed to an academic audience, and this at a time when there is a strong possessive need for Woolf.This and two other photographs of Woolf taken by Freund can be seen in the exhibition on Virginia Woolf which opens on July 10th.It offers a visual narrative akin to a portrait, on her life and work.This was the room in which the Woolfs received many guests, and where Virginia was photographed in June 1939, shortly before the move to Mecklenburgh Square, by the expatriate German living in France, Gisèle Freund.It was the last sitting she gave to a professional photographer.

In October 1940 the Bloomsbury house in which Virginia Woolf wrote a great many of her novels was hit by a bomb.As it happened, she and her husband Leonard had the previous year moved out of 52 Tavistock Square, owing to the disturbance caused by demolition work in preparation for a large new hotel.Her fans take ‘selfies’ alongside an image of Woolf so that it looks as if she is one of their pals.Others put pink-spotted sunglasses on a glamorous photograph of her, instantly creating a camp Woolf.It marks various stages in her life, as she emerges from her Victorian background, becomes associated with Bloomsbury, labours for the Hogarth Press and its authors, embarks on her own radical literary endeavours, and then, in response to the historical moment, draws on her political self.

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FIND: the best art exhibitions on now Woolf has been the subject of myriad books and articles.

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