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Onesex cam to one cam com

People that are just quietly observing everything you send out into cyberspace.What really troubled me about this post was that it rapidly devolved into a bunch of catty women, slamming any fathers who dared to join a moms’ group, calling names, pointing fingers.But I truly hate ugliness, and there’s not much in this world that I waste energy hating.The amount of contempt that was shown for site was completely incomprehensible.The moderator stepped in several times, all to her stress and no avail; the site’s rules do not allow her to simply delete a post, unless the user requests it.So there it sits, ugliness in all its stinky glory, the hate-filled words and derision writhing around in my stomach like a bunch of grubs. However, I enjoy conversing with people who have different views from me, if stated appropriately and not angrily or defensively, because that way I learn things about myself, about other people, and sometimes about how to see the world through someone else’s eyes.While I have no problem with men joining mom forums, and can even understand the different motives behind such a move, I can also understand that some women might feel intruded upon if, say, men were commenting on breastfeeding or period threads.

I don’t always gravitate toward like-minded thinkers; while easy, it’s also boring.I don’t mind people calmly stating their opinion on heated topics like gay rights, abortion, breast feeding, or daycare.Maybe I can hang out with them sometime, maybe even make a friend or two.For the first couple of months I was on the site, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of drama.So, I recently found my way onto a nation-wide moms board, where right on the front page you can choose your geographical area to connect with local moms. Sure, I can’t go to most playdates, lunch dates, etc.

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But I can get to know some women in my area, since all my friends are military and leaving me.