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To get your paperless system set up, you will need to: {via*} It wasn’t until I bought my Fujitsu Scansnap that I was able to go completely paperless. I think it’s the perfect compromise between the pricier but faster ix500* and the s1100* without a paper tray. If you want to be super cool you could always go with the co-branded Evernote / Fujitsu scanner.* I will say that I’ve been more than happy with my s1300i!* There are lots of other scanners out there; some are okay and some are downright bad, but I wouldn’t even look beyond Fujitsu. You can save yourself the frustration of organizing your now-digital documents in some little file/folder structure on your computer!

This is way too much work and nightmare waiting to happen.

One of the benefits of going paperless is saving time.

Just a note before we get started: this post is longer than one of my usual blog posts, but the information in it is important and could literally change your organizational life, so stick with it! UPDATE: Donnie has updated and improved his system even more since writing this original post and is sharing even more about going paperless in this post!

______________ would have nothing on it but a Macbook Air and a cup of coffee. I’m always trying to get rid of stuff– I would much rather downsize than upgrade.

You probably read that post title and thought, “WHAT?!

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Abby, you are the queen of binders and paper lists!