Ouran high school host club dating anja rubik sasha knezevic dating

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Ouran high school host club dating

The following day, Kyoya asks Kaoru if he thought the two would fall in love to which Kaoru replies that Hikaru is still too much of a dummy; Kyoya adding that their club is full of them.

The episode begins where the last leaves off, with delivery boy Arai and Haruhi recognizing one another.

Hikaru becomes quite jealous and Kaoru is alerted to his twin's budding romantic feelings for Haruhi, setting up a date between them to help him out.

Arai, a former classmate of Haruhi's, appears as a delivery boy at Pension Misuzu.

Flashback to Haruhi and Arai in middle school discussing Haruhi's plan to take the entrance exam for Ouran Academy.

Though Arai makes it clear that he wishes they could attend the same high school, Haruhi is clueless and misinterprets all of his statements as generic; essentially dismissing him as a potential boyfriend.

Hikaru blasts what he considers to be Arai's lame flirting and openly states that Arai clearly has a "thing" for Haruhi.

Haruhi chides him for being a jerk, but Arai admits that he was interested in Haruhi while they were in middle school.

As they take time to get reacquainted, Hikaru is immediately jealous and Tamaki is depressed, having been called "an acquaintance" instead of Haruhi's senpai, despite the fact that it's exactly what he instructed her to do in the previous episode.Arai expresses his relief that Haruhi is doing well at Ouran because he was worried about her.Hikaru searches for Haruhi and finally finds her cowering in a church.He does his best to comfort her and apologizes for being a jerk.During the date, the Hosts play "The Stalking Game" with comedic flair.

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