Outlook inbox not updating Live chats sextv

Posted by / 09-Aug-2016 15:06

Outlook inbox not updating

and Lynch and Outlook have also been reinstalled in an attempt to fix this, to no avail. There is no much gain in restarting as it is not a system level operation.I had faced a similar problem with Lync where the entire address book from the Outlook would not sync. Remove the contact which is causing the issue and re-feed it to the outlook. My answers are strictly relating to problems I faced and solution found. The Lync Updates are all installed this has been dealt with before it is not a matter of just restarting lync.When she turns off her machine on a night and returns to work the same fault happens.

The problems you had may have been different to this.I have a user that has external contacts that she has added to Outlook and communicates with through Lync.All of these contacts have numbers and email addresses.I have tried everything you have stated in the answer (and stated this in my question)...This means that the contact does not have a number on Lync and therefore cannot be contacted, even though the number is present in Outlook.

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We have run a sync operation through a batch file but this only works for the length of the current log on session on the company network.