Outlook updating inbox slow

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This issue is because Microsoft Outlook downloads all messages every time including attachments versus a normal email IMAP application where only headers are synced to present crucial information only, and messages and attachments are ONLY downloaded and cached upon viewing the message or if the mail application is explicitly told to download all messages.

This will resolve extremely slow synchronizations with Microsoft Outlook platforms.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having many folders with many messages in Microsoft Outlook, especially if they have attachments, can be slow.

This issue can still be noticed if you have a very large Inbox folder, Sent folder, Trash folder, or any subscribed folder.

The recommended method of avoiding this outlook issue is to simply file away messages from these subscribed folders into archived / unsubscribed folders (this also keeps you email organized! Also, you can simply archive messages in outlook to clean them out of your mailbox (be careful as this WILL remove the messages from the server).

Those of you with problems might want to leave feedback for others.

The recommended method of using Gmail accounts in Outlook is to use IMAP.If you are running into Outlook or Hotmail problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and i OS apps, or through other services.If isn’t experiencing an outage, you could be having sign-in related issues with their log-in box other than password errors.However, this only syncs email, not your Gmail calendar and contacts.You might know Microsoft’s free e-mail service as Windows Live, or Hotmail, and your problems could be far from simple with more complicated issues in regard to receiving or sending messages.

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Whatever your issue, take a look below to see the latest status reports that would reveal if the Outlook / Hotmail email service is totally down today, or having minor problems.

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