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If you opt for a Wiccan tattoo ensure your pentagram is situated properly.In addition to Satanism, Wicca and early-Christianity where the pentagram depicted the five wounds of Jesus, the pentagram is also associated with Freemasonry.Serving as a symbol of Wiccan faith, the circle around a pentagram protects, confines and also represents eternity and infinity, along with the ever-changing circle of life and nature.Wiccans always depict pentagrams point-up rather than point-down which is the Sigil of Baphomet in Satanism.We'd also love to see photos of other Cross Stitch projects too. Often encircled, the five pointed star known as a pentacle or pentagram represents earth, water, air, fire and the spirit.Tarot, runes, etc.) Drawing Down the Moon – invoking the Goddess into one’s self, usually in a ritual Dawning Down the Sun – invoking the God into one’s self, usually in ritual Earth – on of the four magical elements eke-name – one’s sacred and secret name, used only with the divine and/or with fellow worshippers elements – four ancient building blocks of the universe – Earth, Air, Water, Fire enchantment – another word for spell esbat – a regular meeting of a Wiccan coven or circle; sometimes used to refer to Full or New Moon rituals Eostre – Spring Equinox Sabbat evocation – calling up spirits or other magical entities fetch – a name of one’s astral body Fire – one of the four magical elements fivefold kiss – ritual kiss on feet, knees, near genitals, breasts/chest, and lips Garderian tradition – Wiccan tradition which traces unbroken lineage to Gerald Gardner Gemantria – Hebrew numerical science which consists of adding up the numerical value of a word and comparing it to other words with the same value Gemini – the third sign of the zodiac ruling from May 22 – June 21; an Air sign ruled by the planet Mercury God – male aspect of pair of deities; the Lord Goddess – female aspect of pair of deities; the Lady Goddess worship – pagan faiths where the female divinity is the major focus; not Wicca Great Rite – symbolic or actual sexual act performed as part of a ritual; also known as “Sacred Marriage” green magic – low magic, magic focusing on the physical Green Man – representation of the Lord as ruler of the forest grimorie – a book containing a collection of spells ground/grounding – root self in physical world hand, projective – energy emitting right hand hand, receptive – energy receiving left hand handfasting – a Wiccan marriage ceremony Hermes Trismegistus – “Thrice Great Hermes”, alleged teacher the magical system known as Hermetism henotheism – the belief is one or more gods, without denying the existence of other gods high magic – ritual magic, magic focused on spiritual realm High Priest/HP – male head of coven; representative of God High Priestess/HPS – female head of coven; representative of Goddess Horned God – generally seen by Wiccans as the male consort of the Goddess; male deity with stag horns rising from His head Imbolc/Imbolg – Sabbat held on February 2nd incantation – a ritual recitation of a prayer or spell, usually rhymed, to produce a magical effect invocation – calling upon a higher power (deities, Spirit, etc) for support or assistance Kabbalah – occult theosophy of rabbinical origin; magical system including the Tree of Life and gemetria; also Cabala, Cabbala, Kabala or Qabbalah) Kabbalist – one who practices Kabbalah karma – the force generated by a person’s actions thought to determine the nature of one’s next incarnation Lammas – Sabbat held on August 1st left-hand path – use of magic of self-gain and/or evil Leo – the fifth sign of the zodiac ruling from July 23 -August 21; a Fire sign ruled by the Sun Libra – the seventh sign of the zodiac ruling from September 24 – October 23; an Air sign ruled by the planet Venus Litha – Summer Solstice Sabbat lingam – a stylized phallic symbol of the masculine cosmic principle low magic – green magic, magic general focused on the physical Lughnasadh – Sabbat held on August 1st Mabon – Fall Equinox Sabbat magic – “The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” – A.

If you use one of the free patterns from Cross Stitch, please share a photo of your project.Triquetra designs make a novel choice for sisters, family or wiccan and pagan tattoos.Air – one of the four magical elements Akasha – fifth element, spirit altar – table or flat surface used during rituals to hold ritual tools, books, etc. – Before Common Era; an alternate dating system corresponding to B. Beltain – Sabbat held on May 1st; also known as May Day, May Eve, Rood Day, Roodmas, and Walpurgisnacht besom – a magical broom Big Blue Book – sometimes Uncle Bucky’s Big Blue Book, refers to , a commonly read beginner’s book binding – a spell which generally involves tying knots in cords or a similar action, aimed at restricting energy or actions bolline – a small, white handled knife Book of Illuminations – alternate name for what is traditionally called Book of Shadows Book of Light – alternate name for what is traditionally called Book of Shadows Book of Shadows – a collection of rituals, notes, spells, etc.amulet – a magical charged item, often worn around the neck for protection Animism – the spiritual belief that everything in nature, animate and inanimate, possesses a soul ankh – Ancient Egyptian symbol representing life and rebirth; similar to, but not the same as Aquarius – the eleventh sign of the zodiac, ruling from January 21 – February 19; and Air sign ruled by the planet Uranus Aradia (air-a-dee-a) – Italian goddess, claimed to be Queen of Witches by some Wiccans Aries – the first sign of the zodiac, ruling from March 21 – April 20; a Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars Asatru – Norse Reconstructionism astral body – representation of person or things found in astral plane astral plane – a kind of dimension composed of energy astral projection – an out-of-body experience usually induced through trance athame – small, double-edged ritual dagger, usually black-handled; used to draw Circles and direct energy aura – an energy field surrounding all living things balefire – a sacred outdoor fire burned by some Wiccan at certain Sabbats banish – to drive away or release a spirit or energy B. as well as sometimes a journal of workings Burning Times – name given to Reformation and Inquisition, when the Church actively killed people for practicing “witchcraft” Cancer – fourth sign of the zodiac, ruling from June 22 – July 22; a Water sign ruled by the Moon Candlemas – Sabbat held on February 2nd; also known as Imbolg/Imbolc, Oimelc, or Candelaria Capricorn – tenth sign of the zodiac, ruling from December 23 – January 20; an Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn cauldron – pot or kettle, generally used as Goddess symbol C. – Common Era; an alternate dating system corresponding to A. censer – an incense burner ceremonial magick – the art and practice of controlling spirits through force of will, requires dedication and study Cernunnos – Celtic god, often used for name of Wiccan Lord (not universally accepted) chakras – seven energy points within the body Charge of the Goddess – well-known piece of poetry by Doreen Valiente chalice – special glass/goblet used in rituals circle – magical construct used in rituals (see A Circle) cone of power – energy raised and focused by group or individual for magic working or ritual consecration – act of blessing an object with positive energy corn dolly – a human or animal figure fashioned out of a sheaf of corn; used in spells and as fertility symbol coven – a group of people who come together to ritual and study cowan – non-Wicca or non-Pagan (derogatory) Craft, The – Witchcraft; also Masonic term Crone – one of the aspects of the Threefold Goddess crone – older, wise woman deosil (day-o-sil) – clockwise direction, also known as “sunwise” divination – art of foretelling future events or revealing knowledge through the use of tools (eg.Discovered scribed on the ancient rune stones in Northern Europe, the triquerta triangle has pagan and other varied roots.

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