Park hee soon dating some songs older guys dating younger girls

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The surgeon that did her PS did a really good job though, so kudos on not looking like a frozen faced freak.

As for the why, Zheng Shuang simply said that she wanted to look different and prettier, and that isn’t anything to be ashamed about. I have no problems with plastic surgery, for stars or regular folks.

to check out my boy Li Yi Feng in his first headlining role, and I left reeling because of Zheng Shuang.

It wasn’t just me, apparently she was all anyone could talk about after the press conference and the C-media is going wild right now.

I simply find it lame for those who get it to deny it or if the plastic surgery is too much and poorly done and they end up looking freakish. That’s like paying someone to punch you in the face.

The above two pictures are Zheng Shuang at the Ancient Sword Fantasy press conference, and her character official still for the drama. Above is a picture from when she starred in Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower with Hans Zhang.

Leading lady Yang Mi must be fuming to have her thunder stolen by the second female lead, but I was seriously applauding Zheng Shuang for her double disclosure.

Normally press conferences are the usual canned questions about the drama with some personal questions tossed in though no one really expects the actors to answer truthfully.

Hhhhmm, I wonder if a long term commitment is coming up soon?

Whatever the reason, this is yet another happy addition to the legions of dating C-actors and actresses.

To everyone’s ever lasting shock – Zheng Shuang smiled and replied that she did get plastic surgery AND she is in fact dating Hans. Finally a pair of actors playing Domyouji/Makino get together in real life!

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She could have just admitted the plastic surgery without also admitting the dating so I’m assuming boyfriend Hans gave her the greenlight to go public.

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