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The next day, the group reconvenes and Walter eyes the mockups.

Don tries to sell an "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem" theme; Walter prefers the one Pete pitched the night before: "Bethlehem Steel is the backbone of America." Don isn't pleased: "I need you to go and get a cardboard box.

("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes") Pete Campbell attended Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and went to college at Dartmouth, where he was the coxswain of the crew team. The young execs, led by Pete, hit the gentlemen's club. ("Marriage of Figaro") One day, Pete's new wife, Trudy Vogel,comes to the office; after introducing her to his coworkers, Pete goes apartment hunting with her.

("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes") Pete returns from his honeymoon; he is excited about his new marriage, but conflicted about his past encounter with Peggy.Unfortunately for Don, Pete's mother is Dorothy Dyckman, who belongs to the family that used to own nearly everything north of 125th Street. I think it's extremely healthy, because without hate, you cannot see love. That's not a very good metaphor but, you know, it's the same.Peter "Pete" Campbell was born in New York City in 1934. Pete, who had found a report about the dangers of smoking in Don's wastebasket, suggests that Lucky Strike advertise to people's "death wish." Despite the fact that his wedding is that weekend, Pete becomes infatuated with Peggy Olson the moment he meets her. Before joining Harry Crane, Paul Kinsey and Salvatore Romano in Don's office, he quietly tells Peggy that he's married now; despite her look of disappointment, she lowers her voice, saying she understands.His salary is insufficient; they cannot afford a good place.

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He discusses the matter with his father but is shot down, told that he was given his name, and asked, "What have you done with it?