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[-] Multi-monitor Screen Saver: "Screen saver failed to start" error message has been displayed on a monitor if the "Screen saver: None" has been set for that monitor.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actual Window Manager 8.9.1 () --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar stopped displaying Jump Lists since the Anniversary Update.

[-] Windows 10: Since the Anniversary Update, Actual Taskbar got white when taskbar color and transparency were disabled in the system taskbar settings.

The following hotkeys have been added: - Show the "Move to specific monitor" dialog (Win-Ctrl-/) - Show the "Move to specific virtual desktop" menu (Win-Ctrl-\) - Show the "Maximize to selected monitors" dialog (Win-Ctrl-Num*) - Show the "Put into Divider tile" dialog (Win-Ctrl-Num5) You can change the default key combinations in the Hotkeys-Actions panel.

This feature can be useful on monitors with high resolutions (up to 4K) where distance to a required button may be too long to drag the mouse there just to invoke the dialog via right click.

[*] Logon Screen Service: The "unquoted service path" vulnerability has been fixed.

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[-] Windows 10: Search field in the primary taskbar got reset back to Search icon at each startup.

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