Poem about dating a married man

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All the times y’all shot pool and argued over religion.

The time Prince got in your Lemo to tell you that ‘World Wide Underground ‘ wasn’t finished yet and you ‘felt a way’.

Lol…” Erykah is not known for being a wallflower and speaks her mind on multiple issues. Apparently, on at least one occasion, Prince met Badu’s mother, who wanted him to autograph her copy of his “…The time Prince ‘evolved’ and wouldn’t sign yo mama’s ‘Dirty Mind’ album cover cause he said he wasn’t into that no mo and yo mama told him ‘well you shouldn’t have made it then’ and you were embarrassed…

” Badu goes on to write about how her friend had a swear jar, and when she stepped into his presence, she had to put in from the beginning — because she knew what she was going to do.

From the many memories that have been shared by those in the music industry and others, the musical genius often helped others.

Since Prince Rogers Nelson’s death on Thursday, everyone, it seems, has a story about “the purple one,” but Erykah Badu’s tribute poem causes you to laugh and cry, again.Autopsy results have not yet been revealed, although some news reports are speculating that the icon overdosed on Percocet due to hip problems, a result of years of dance acrobatics on stage while wearing high-heeled shoes and entertaining the people.He was a giving person, a beautiful soul, and the cause of his death doesn’t diminish his legacy.No one wants to be in pain, and the mortal seeks relief so that the triune being can experience peace.The time Prince was so gracious to come to your club in the hood of South Dallas and play for 4 hours into the night…

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The time you recorded “Today -the earth song” at Paisley Park.

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