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Polish dating new york city

Rowland built the ironclad warship Monitor from plans created by John Ericsson.

In 1867, Charles Pratt established his kerosene refinery (Astral Oil Works)—the first successful American oil well had flowed in 1859 at Titusville, Pa.

Greenpoint (pronounced Greenpernt in those gangster movies of the 1930s) is a quiet, ordered, and orderly community of discrete ethnic populations, with a central charming historic district all but unknown to outsiders, even those in neighboring sectors of Brooklyn.

Its modern history began with the surveying of its lands in 1832 by Dr.

Pratt's product later gave rise to the slogan, "The holy lamps of Tibet are primed with Astral Oil." Astral Oil provided the wealth that later made possible Pratt Institute, myriad Pratt family mansions, as well as Greenpoint's Astral Apartments.

From the (1939) WPA Guide to New York City: Greenpoint, Williamsburg's neighbor to the north, was so named after it was purchased (as a part of Bushwick) from the Indians in 1638, but the grime and smut of industry have long since obliterated the original verdancy.

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The district's residents are credited with originating the widely publicized "Brooklynese" diction, wherein "err" stands for oil and "poll" for pearl.

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