Positives of dating a married man

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Positives of dating a married man

Regardless, I thought it was very sexy and sophisticated, even though I didn’t smoke myself.

The 46 year old woman of my dreams smoked those long skinny brown cigarettes.

I’ve had a few, but if I had it to do all over again, I know I’d still marry her again.

Maybe its because I grew up with a mother who smokes.

Oddly enough, because of our age difference and the early marriage, we have developed something of a mother/son relationship that continues to this day. Financially speaking, she worked until she was 60 and of course I’m still working, so we’ve always been well off in terms of money.

As a younger man, and even as a boy, I was always attracted to older women.I don’t smoke and exercise regularly, so I’m in a great shape and have always looked younger than my age.People who don’t know us as a couple have always assumed I was her son. My wife is a very nurturing and loving woman and I’ve benefited from it emotionally.My parents are both still alive and have come to love my wife, but it wasn’t always that way.Later in our marriage, I would try to convince her to quit, but they were too much of a part of who she is.

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Sixty years of daily smoking has taken its toll on her and makes a dent in our banking account, but I still tell her she looks sexy every time I light her cigarette. The point I’m trying to make with her smoking is that because of her deteriorating health, I have become her caretaker, but I am also her lover.

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