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Proxy servers updating

When installing and configuring the software on a remote server, or at an update time, situations may occur when users without special knowledge need to be assisted.

This course gives a thorough description of the installation procedure, which may help uses in such cases.

The Rapport system tray icon () appears by default when Rapport is running.

It is possible to hide the icon (see Hiding and Restoring the System Tray Icon.) The icon indicates that Rapport's browser-independent protections are working.

After taking the course, administrators are highly recomended to study the course «Configuring web systems for better performance» by Sergey Rizhikov.

Rapport connects to the Internet automatically to check for updates and download security policies.

Most proxy configurations are automatically detected by Rapport without any configuration.

Your organization or Internet service provider may offer or require you to use a proxy.A proxy acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet.Special attention is paid to using the update system, creating the back-up copy and deploying it at a new location.Specialists who configure their servers without assistance, are recommended to read documatation and manuals of the server software.This includes malware prevention, scanning, and removal.

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If the icon does not appear and has not been hidden through the Rapport Console, Rapport is not running.

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