Radajaxmanager not updating controls dating lovez ru

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Radajaxmanager not updating controls

Here is screen shot of my implementation: You are probably familiar with the differences between the Rad Ajax Manager and Rad Ajax Manager Proxy.You are only allowed one Rad Ajax Manager instance on a page.I recently implemented a tab strip with a context sensitive menu, i.e., right click on any tab strip to get a context menu.A click on any on the context menu's items will make an Ajax call to the user controls code behind file.

The problem I ran into was that the tab strip is implemented in a user control - and thus the context menu must also be in the same user control.

The user control must then have a Rad Ajax Manager definition on the page.

This works without a glitch - until you start making Ajax requests using the On Ajax Request feature.

When solving this issue, I spent quite a bit of time searching the web for a solution.

You have a master page (or several), user controls and content pages in your application.

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You also use the Telerik Rad Controls for additional functionality on your web pages, and you want to use the excellent, built-in Ajax functionality in the Rad Controls.

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