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Courtney tries to limit her alcohol consumption, while Brandi M.purposely gives her vodka, but fails and passes out.While the girls prepare for the first elimination, Courtney wakes up, composes herself and shows up for the elimination ceremony.Riki asks Raven if she really wants to be on the show, following Dallas having informed him earlier that Raven feels she does not need to be on the show.

Dallas is also unhappy because she is forced to room with Lacey, their dispute from Season 1 still unresolved. introduces Megan to Lacey and the two become fast friends and begin to form an alliance.

Once outside, Lacey begins to antagonize Dallas and tickles her butt.

As the administration ceremony begins, Courtney is inebriated to the point of having difficulty to enter the room, and must be helped by Raven and Rodeo.

Sharon introduces the deans, Riki and Daniella, and then shows the girls DVDs depicting their worst moments from Rock Of Love. Thus, Sharon has Destiney and Jessica take her up to her room so she can sober up.

Raven then fights with Megan, Jessica, and Brandi C.

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