Rowvalidating telerik

Posted by / 23-Feb-2016 16:45

Rowvalidating telerik

To begin, open Visual Studio and click on the Telerik menu option.Under UI For Silverlight click on Create New Telerik Project.

region xamlflix_gridview_17 var my Demo Classes = new Observable Collection(); endregion You can now create a for-loop (Example 3) to populate 2000 instances and add them to the collection.

region xamlflix_gridview_18 for ( int x = 1; x For this section on exporting, start a new project.

region xamlflix_gridview_0 endregion Drag Rad Grid View from the toolbox onto the design surface.

If you look at the XAML for the Grid View, you’ll see that Visual Studio set the alignments and margin to mark the placement of the Gridview where you happened to drop it.

Drag a Rad Grid View onto the design surface, but this time let’s go to the XAML and add the attribute, Auto Generate Columns, and set it to False.

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