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"She showed me how things can be special and meaningful without costing a lot of money." Lorraine also welcomed Sandra and Cindy into her kitchen, letting the girls help out whenever she baked for church bake sales or to make gifts for family and friends.

Sandra's mother took her daughters back into her life when she remarried.

The skills Sandra learned at 11 proved to be not only her family's saving grace but also the foundation of her enormously successful career.

Vicky's depression eventually caused her to stop mothering her children.So at age 11, the oldest of five, Sandra found herself taking charge of the household and the care of her siblings.Needing to stretch their food stamps and welfare checks as far as she could, she learned to be creative with cooking and even decorating the house, all the while attending school herself.But she plucks the tape recorder from my hand and holds it to her mouth so I'll catch every word. In Sandra's memoir, Made From Scratch, she writes lovingly about her grandmother Lorraine, who taught her to embrace each day and the possibilities that tomorrow could bring.It's not a diva-like, take-control gesture; it's a let's-get-it-done, here's-how gesture. "She was very can-do, someone who would just steamroll ahead and make things happen," remembers Sandra.

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After living through a divorce of her own, Sandra has found love with New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo. I need help here." But I am also a believer that you have to show by example, and what I expect out of anybody else, I expect out of myself.

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