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Hurriyah - who would only be in her first year of secondary school in the UK - is terrified, claiming she would rather return to Syria and live ‘with the bombs’ than in Lebanon and be forced into marriage.Survival sex involving young girls is one extreme end of the crisis over the exploitation of children that has seen international aid agencies make tackling the shocking increase child labour among Syrian refugee families a priority for 2016.Earning: Samer, 11, and his brother Mohamad, 10, should be in primary school, but instead are working 12-hour shifts as mechanics in Beirut to support their family, who are living on the poverty line after fleeing Raqqa for neighbouring Lebanon.But this is a country where refugees are not legally allowed to work, and as the war continues, more and more families are forced to rely on their children's earnings Grown-ups: Mohamad isn't even tall enough to reach the tools on the wall, but his family desperately need the £200 a month the boys bring home.'It is hard bending and digging,' she tells Mail Online.In return for her aches and pains, she gets just 60p an hour As winter cold begins to take hold in Lebanon, Mail Online travelled to rural communities close its northern border with Syria and to the heart of the country’s capital Beirut to speak with families so desperate they are forced to send their children out to work for a pittance in jobs that range from picking potatoes and tobacco in dreadful conditions to working as mechanics, from collecting plastic on rubbish dumps to digging ditches.‘Families are desperate and ready to do whatever it takes to survive,’ a senior Western aid official in the Lebanese capital Beirut said.They are relatively lucky with their jobs, as other children are forced to toil in the fields or collect rubbish from the streets'I had no choice': Samer is sad he had to leave school but with his father dead, he tells Mail Online his knows he has to make money.

Tough: Rowayda is just nine, but the responsibility for putting food on the table for her mother and eight brothers and sisters is already hers.

In the summer, she picks potatoes and in the winter she plants the seeds for the next year's crops Cheap: Amal, 11, right, has been picking nuts, herbs, tomatoes and tobacco for the past two years, but it is the potatoes she finds the worst.

Vulnerable, desperate and trapped in spiralling debt as the Syrian conflict drags into another year, women are being forced or sold in to prostitution while in the most disturbing and extreme cases, girls have undergone so-called ‘marriages for pleasure’ that last just days.

Aid workers say these ‘marriages’ are a sham, the groom making a payment or dowry – a sum that is traditionally paid in Muslim society to guarantee a bride’s security – effectively in return for sex with a young bride, who is probably unaware she could be divorced or abandoned in days.

She attends school but her father is worried because she has become the subject of gossip after a 17-year-old boy began following and harassing her.

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Hurriyah’s father is now saying he will marry her to the boy imminently as there is no other way to protect her – Lebanese police are unable to help as they have no power over Syrian refugees.

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