Sociological aspects of dating

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Sociological aspects of dating

Ansari spent over a year interviewing hundreds of people from around the world about their dating experiences and love lives.

The results of this search convinced Ansari that, while the immediacy of the Internet and the ubiquity of mobile phones have made some aspects of relationship-building easier, they’ve also made other aspects much more complicated.In the past, single people may have met potential dates mostly through family, friends, or colleagues.Ansari is all too familiar with the ways texting can be fraught.He humorously recounts his angst around texting potential dates, like having to decide how soon to respond to someone’s text—too soon, you seem overeager; too long, you seem disinterested—or spending hours crafting texts that are devoid of clear intentions.But, the downside of this wealth of opportunity is that it makes people tend to rush to judgment based on superficial information and to constantly second-guess themselves about whether, by dating someone, they may be settling too soon, before finding that the elusive Mr. “Younger generations face immense pressure to find the ‘perfect person’ that simply didn’t exist in the past when ‘good enough’ was good enough.” Other seeming benefits of technology can also go inadvertently wrong.

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