Speeddating on tv

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Speeddating on tv

The organisers hope that researchers from medicine and science backgrounds may find a suitable match in an English, anthropology or maths researcher.

The posters that have been distributed around campus to advertise the event carry slogans like: ‘You only love me for my brain’ and ‘Talk about the big bang on your first date’.

Registration entails filling in a form decorated with pink hearts and leaves on a red background.

It looks exactly like a speed dating form, except that where you would normally enter details about yourself, the researchers are asked to enter information that makes their research sound attractive.

The event, which will cater for up to a hundred academics and is open to all disciplines, will take place on 9th December 2005 in the Old Refectory at UCL.The aim is to promote cross-disciplinary research but this promises to be an event far removed from images of fusty academia.The Dean of Arts and Humanities at UCL and Chair of the UCL Arts and Humanities Research Board, Jane Fenoulhet, who suggested speed dating at the first inter-disciplinary research meeting, said: “We’re matching the speed dating model as closely as possible.The only thing that doesn’t match it is the lack of alcohol, which will be off-limits until after the event.During initial development of the webseries, many ideas including supernatural speed dating were discussed.

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The other ideas include time traveling not to miss a television program and doppelgangers.

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