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Starview 4 updating

------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0004 AMIGOS DISK 1/90 GRAPHICS, Mandel Brot! Evolution, Simulation of evolution cycleof a bug eating bacteria and re-acts. Before you begin, you may customize the expense code table to fit your particular situation and specify budget amounts for each category if desired.

------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0005 AMIGOS DISK 3/90 GRAPHICS, Surf, Juggette. Geotime, This program depicts a map of the earth andshows the day and night sides shaded. Gravweell, this program simulates the motion of up to 20 bodies in newtons universe. It WILL make your screen LOOK like a 64 screen, and you can enter C 64 commands. ------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0021 WORD PROCESSOR, MICROEMACS Microemacs word processor, Customized emacs editor for wp. Qbase, an excellent mailbase utility, houseinv, mailmgr, refmgr. In addition to keeping track of your appointments, your anniversary, and your mother-in-law's birthday, `Nag' can be instructed to gently remind you by popping up a display of the next `nagged event'.

The most useful function is the ability to search the checkbook journal for the occurrence of any desired search argument.

Study Aid, The program allows you to enter your own questions and answes and then proceed to test you. Sptoy, Simply a speech toy, enter your words for a translation into phonetics. The survival characteristics are at least similar to the real thing.

------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0007 AMIGOS DISK 6/90 Amiga Fox Word Processor V1.0, OBSESS, Obsess-o-Matic V1.0, REVERSI, Revcomp V2.0. ------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0008 EDUCATION 1 German, Learn a few vital German phrases, test routine included. Lex, Adocument procesor that counts words, sentences and performs other analysis on your word files. ------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0016 FISH TANK THE AQUARIUM This is a program that simulates an aquarium, the intent of the program is to provide a visually pleasing and relatavely accurate simulation of tropical fish in a home aquarium.

------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0006 AMIGOS DISK 4/90 GRAPHICS, Plasma, Centre, Fix, Lift, Xcolour, EHB Plasma, Icon Fun and docs. Globe, Just a spinning picture of the Earth, impressive but of little use. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 4 Games, concentration, shark, cat and mouse ad galatic worm. Mainly for young children ------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0014 PLAY AND READ (B) Flower garden, art package. Mk Dir V1.2, This is another program to create drawer icon and new directory at the same time. Print, A small file printing utility, S-View V3.0, The latest version of Super View with improvements. Un ZIP_V2.0, An updated version of Un Zip, ------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0019 SNAG DISK 2/90 C64Emul, This of course is NOT a true C64 Emulator but you can have some fun with it anyway. ------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0023 APPOINTMENT CALENDER Nag' is an electronic appointment calendar for the Amiga.

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UTILITIES, Fast Disk II, Flast Card, Flast Card1, French, Lh Arc A, Us Capitals, Word Wright. Elements, The periodic table in all it's glory, Any chemists dream. ------------------------------------------------------ ^+ V0013 PLAY AND READ (A) Maths test, restricted machematic testing program. Mini Miga, This is for all of you that want a laptop Amiga. POINTERS, Bee, Bird, Bolt, Earwig, Eye, Fang, Finger, Get Pointer, New Spritex, Nose and Eye, Pointer Demo, Prancer, Puma, Put Pointer, Red Rabbit, Skull, Smiley, Snail, Sword, Taddy, Turble, XMas Tree, Zeus.