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INTRODUCTION Being one of the most commonly used theories, there are many scholars and theorists who contributed towards the idea of symbolic interactionism.To name a few, George Herbert Mead and Charles Hortan Cooley originated this theory as key people later inspired by them Herbert Blumer coined the term and put the theory forward to the world.It has to be noted that Blummer was greatly influenced by John Dewey (the leader of sociological theory).The basic idea this theory put forward is that people behave based on the meaning they have given to them.The symbolic interactionism also articulates that the individuals build a sense of self identity through these interactions with the society.It can be said that if we need to understand the behavioral patterns of the society we need to understand the existing symbols.The Interactions which molded the symbols also create a social structure.

These interpretations are often called “definition of the situation” because they just define the situations.

This theory says how humans develop a complex set of symbols that gives meaning to the world in their perspective.

THEORY The symbolic interactionism analysis society by the descriptive meanings that people have given to objects, events and behaviors.

The behavioral pattern of the people will be based on these descriptive meanings because people behave according to their descriptive believes rather than objective truth.

These descriptive believe and meanings are nothing but interpretations given by the people thus the theory suggest that society is based on the interpretations of the people.

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The people interpret each other’s behavior and a social bond is thus created which is grounded on this interpretation.

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