Tomcat not invalidating sessions

Posted by / 20-Jan-2016 11:07

Tomcat not invalidating sessions

But it puzzles me that webapp 2 and 3 also are getting high sessions, and that they stick around even past the timeout.

I'm theorizing that the session cleanup is only happening when the server is not heavily loaded, and that (in this case) so many sessions accumulate that the server has low free CPU and the cleanup never runs.

I run an instance of Tomcat 6.0.18 on a Windows server. I've been having memory issues (close to heap size, or OOM).

Hello, I'm trying to remove the JSESSIONID from my URL the first time someone hits my Tomcat Web App, but I've not been able to get it working for somereason that eludes me. First thing I tried was to add session-config/tracking mode to my web.xml, resulting in: This to had no effect.

I also found no error messages in the logs and didn't turn up anything helpful on Google, so I'm at a loss as to why thisisn't working.testing on a local system and would rather not have the complication of Apache present. Sincerely, Stephen Stephen Mc Cants Senior Software Engineer Healthcare Control Systems, Inc.

When I look at the Tomcat manager, I see 500-1000 sessions in each of my 3 apps.

When I view the sessions in the Tomcat manager, I can see that some of the sessions are multiple hours in idle time, yet they weren't expired.

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Some of the software running tests is getting confused bythe JSESSIONID on the URL the first time it hits our login page, so it doesn't recognize the login page. 2014-11-18 GMT+ Stephen Mc Cants are declaring both 2.3 DTD and 3.0 schema. There exists a system property that turns on "strict servletcompliance mode".