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Which means a word that is one thing in one place may be a completely different thing in another.

This diversity of meaning makes the Turkic languages fathomless, on top of their simplicity and ancient heritage. There was a time, too long ago, when all members of the Turkic race spoke one tongue that everyone understood in every corner of the Turkic world.

It's a sure bet they are hardly known to anyone beyond their dense Siberian forests and the couple of villages they call home town.

But then, the Tofalars, perhaps, still speak the original, ancient Turkic tongue after many centuries of only occasional contacts with outside cultures that could distill their speech with borrowings.

Their common primeval language provided a framework for belles-lettres.

Around two thousand years ago, they started for various reasons to move away from one another, geographically and linguistically, from their next of kin and their common tongue, developing their endemic dialects that were a closed book to outsiders.For a while, they were keenly aware of their common ancestry and remembered their shared language that they could still speak at bazaars and fairs drawing merchants from far away.Dozens of peoples live in the Turkic world - all alike and different at the same time.You can always tell where they belong, from the special sounds and undertones of their speech.Moscow This book is about the Turkic people, from its rise in the Altai Mountains and its spillover to the rest of the Eurasian continent.

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