Updating bios through cd Free telugu live cam chat

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Updating bios through cd

Would I just have to make the USB stick bootable, place the rom file and dos folder files on the usb stick then boot it from startup and run the command you said?

The Motherboard came out of a Gateway DX4860 Desktop: AFUWINx64amifldrv32amifldrv64BIOS_According to the readme that's provided I am supposed to be able to simply run BIOS_and it will do everything from within Windows. So is there a way I can manually do it with a USB stick from bootup?

If there is what file(s) should I copy to it and what procedure should I try?

When trying to run either one of those I get a command prompt with different options.

But pressing anything brings up more commands, and then it will close upon pressing anything else. The BIOS_is supposed to be run according to the readme.

Thanks for reading, and here are my specs as of now: Thermaltake 600watt ps Nvidia GTX 660 12 GB DDR3 RAM i3-2100 CPU Windows 7 64-bit Put your I3 back in and start it up.

Assuming it's an outdated BIOS which seems likely, I now need help in flashing it.I'm currently using an i3-2100 and my new i5-3570K is not being recognized by the BIOS.Upon running it I get a DOS box that supposedly updates the BIOS from Windows, it first says: And could I substitute a USB stick instead of a CD?Is there a guide maybe that has instructions for that procedure?When it asks you for the update file browse to the rom/ folder and chose that file.

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Follow the instructions on the screen and do not turn it off while it is updating.

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