Updating bsd vs debian Erotic chat cam zap

Posted by / 08-May-2015 12:24

Updating bsd vs debian

Elliott also added optional build-time support for using openssl's assembly-optimized md5sum/sha1sum implementations (leading to a new design policy on shared libraries).

Bugfixes: Too many fixes to "ps" and "touch" to list, from both Elliott and Rob.

Rob taught sed to handle s/[[:space:]/]// type sequences properly, switched grep to a better workaround for glibc bug 17829, made sed -i preserve ownership when run as root, made du max out at 2 terabytes instead of 2 gigabytes on 32-bit systems (it was always designed to, but was missing a typecast), fixed the option parsing infrastructure (config options that remove command line options got the placeholders wrong), fix to printf for printing octal digits and handling the (posix-mandated) difference between %b and non-%b octal output, reading from "-" no longer closes stdin when done, netcat -L works with nommu (although it may need more portability work), and you can now "make test_scankey" if you want to.

Several commands (stat, makedeves, chgrp, cp, find) handled user name lookup failure badly (stat was segfaulting if you interrogated a file belonging to a nonexistent user, "chown 12345 file" errored out if you didn't have that user in /etc/passwd...

New comands added to defconfig are tunctl, log, start, stop, and sendevent.A new toys/net directory was added, moving ifconfig, netcat, netstat, rfkill, and tunctl there so far.Upgrades: All commands now parse --version when they understand --help, but "true" and "false" should now ignore their arguments entirely.Added patch -d and --dry-run, wc can now do -cm together, find has a NOP -noleaf so scripts that use that don't break, add -c to md5sum and sha1sum.Elliott taught ps to treat extra aguments as additional -p pids, implemented xxd -s, did a number of upgrades to file (added -HL, support for ar files, improved ELF support to report android API level and stripped/not stripped and it no longer prints a guessed build ID type).

updating bsd vs debian-73updating bsd vs debian-45updating bsd vs debian-82

now they should all print/accept the number when appropriate).