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"En France, tous les salariés, français ou étrangers, bénéficient du système national de couverture sociale pour les frais de santé consécutifs aux maladies et accidents : la Sécurité sociale.For people with a low income, supplementary insurance is available free of charge and is known as supplementary universal medical cover (CMU-Complémentaire).Those without a residency permit and on a low income must apply for State medical aid (AME).Health insurance in France is called la Sécurité Sociale, la Sécu or l'Assurance Maladie. For a general overview of French health insurance and health in general, you can download the Livret de Sante Bilingue PDF in English and in French.

It is preferable to apply for it before becoming ill.The first step is to apply for “basic” public health insurance, which can be extended by paying for private supplementary insurance ("mutuelle").If necessary, interpreters can be called upon." I have no experience with CMU, AME or PASS, so this page does not deal with them.It does, however, attempt to explain sécurité sociale in France, as well as the mutuelle system, and provide anecdotes of my experiences with health insurance and doctors in France. Doctor consultations usually cost 22 €, but if you go to a specialist, s/he can charge more.The Sécu's index is 23 € for specialists, so regardless of how much you actually paid for the consulation, you will only be reimbursed at most 70% of 23 € by la Sécu.

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