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Updating iphone os itunes

The device getsfreezed and would stop responding completely in such cases.

Use just one USB port at a time to avoid this problem and upgrade the firmware.

If the hard drive of the Apple device gets corrupted the i Phone will not get synced with the i Tunes.

i Phone doesn’t play all the formats of music that’s available these days.

So if you are syncing a file whose format i Phone doesn’t support, you would face this trouble.

When the copy of i Tunes installed on your computer gets corrupted, it doesn’t sync with your i Phone.

Another reason could be that if the version is outdated, it doesn’t sync with your i Phone.

When the too many USB ports are used at the same time, there are possibilities of the ports being jammed.

And when the ports are jammed, the transfer or the sync process gets stalled.

Your computer could have a virus that interrupts the communication between these two devices, which could be a possibility too.

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The best thing is to uninstall that copy of i Tunes and to install the latest version of i Tunes.

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  1. All of my Antivirus/malware/spyware programs point to this as the central cause of many issues on my computer: Freezes, denied access to files, unwriteable temp folder(which results in installation of programs being impossible.