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Content-aware crop aims to fill in blank canvas space around an image resulting from a horizon adjustment, for example, applying the same logic as the existing content-aware fill tool. no nonsense if you know how to use them effectively (as in clone-scale/rotate, layer blend mode retouching, and blend-if retouching to get perfect retouching results).In addition to these new retouch tools, users will find a new selection and masking workspace, making it easier to isolate elements of an image with tools like refine edge brush. I'm working with Photoshop and Lightroom for years on a daily basis.I've been chating with Adobe useless Indian costumer service for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get an error premiere pro unable to reach adobe servers. Generator is a native Photoshop plug-in introduced in version CC that creates image assets from your file as you work.I'm paying for premiere pro cc single app annual plan every month! It is CPU intensive and might slow down or make Photoshop unresponsive. v=Oq Iu9hc X8NA&list=PLXw7EK7EUa UG7Lh Hpci Qw Hgr7QHC25bk RAdobe announced its 2016 Creative Cloud update on June 20.

Specifically mentioned is content aware fill, which Adobe claims will be 'up to 3X faster with even better results.' Subscribers can update to Photoshop CC 2015.5 starting today. I can't believe this thing could happen,but i'm unable to open access premiere pro cc for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with small images, maye ok, but try this with a large image.... I hope affinity for windows will be the answer so I could tell bye bye no thank you, Adobe!i'm also paying for Photoshop cc and the problem occurs only in premiere. I will abandon as soon as this project is over to another free alternative (Avid, Davinci......)They are the only company that does this kind of BS! Great mobile apps to create and share anything everywhere.I'm contacting them every day and get the same answer, they can't fix the problem and they giving the case to another team, they say they will contact me in 2-3 days but for 2 weeks I got replay from the clueless costumer service representative every day!!! It's everything you need to transform your photos, design graphics and illustrations, edit video, create UX designs, and more.And there's your problem: You're "thankful" for something that you're merely OWED in exchange for your money. Are they supposed to be thankful for the defect-ridden abandonware that Adobe is charging monthly fees for? At a minimum, you are going to need to re-setup plug-ins and preferences not synced to the cloud. For best practices, you should always allow time to setup and test without interrupting your workflow. One of my photographs had a person's head at the very edge. I used the cropping tool to select the full image and them moved the image outside the boundaries. Also should be good for architectural photos where converging lines are corrected in post, although I'd have to see the results as to whether the program knows what should be filled in. I just installed the new 2015.5 and everything came through for me.Spanning across virtually all of the Creative Cloud portfolio, the updates in this release will expedite the creative process for millions of users What an useful tool this Content-aware Crop one is for panos.

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I can't thank myself enough for the day I decided to subscribe the CC suite. Particleshop plugin works but Quick Launch panel doesn't.