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Updating spreadsheet values using functions vba

But there are significant changes to this part of the object model and I am only going to touch on the basic parts here. Name = _ "Table1" ' No go in 2003 Active Sheet. Table Style = "Table Style Light2" End Sub But the new stuff is right there already: Table Styles. Line Style = xl Dash End Sub This changes the linestyle of the bottom of your table. If you have any other workbook open, all tables with the same tablestyle appear in your changed style! Select ' Select only data of first column ' No go in 2003 . Run-time error - 2147319765 Automation error Element not found. Thanks Regards S Srinivas Comment by: Radek Kukuczka (3/26/2009 AM)Hi Jan, Thanks for the hint! How can I reach the sheets in the xla by a self written function or procedure? Converting a range to a table starts with the same code as in Excel 2003: Sub Create Table() Active Sheet. A collection of objects which are a member of the Workbook object. You can change the formatting of a table Style, e.g. But if you save your file, close Excel and open Excel again with the file, the changes are gone. Address Next End Sub This snippet of code works exactly the same in Excel 2003, so nothing new there (well, that is, in 2003 those tables ARE called Lists). Or what is the best way to handle diffrent tables or sheets in a XLA. like this: Sub Change Table Styles() ' No Go in Excel 2003 Active Workbook. This is because you've just changed a built-in tablestyle. You might need to work with specific parts of a table. Best regards, Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (4/19/2009 AM)Hi Tom, You should be able to read information from a worksheet contained in an Excel addin without trouble.

They are addressed as List Objects, a collection that was introduced with Excel 2003. Select ' Select just row 4 (header row doesn't count! I am storing data in Excel 2007 tables and use INDEX function in excel to select required data from specific row in the table. How do I inicialize form to include proper items from a specific table into this combo box? thanks, Radek Comment by: S Srinivas (3/23/2009 AM)Created a macro for sorting the excel worksheet according to colour . Afterwardd when I run the command button , I am getting the following error. Now, when I load the contens of column 1 to my user form, I need to relate the Cell Y in Row X with Cell Z in the same Row X. I did some googling and this is what I've come up with. Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 29 // I have 29 rows in my table If combo Box1. Altho in the VB editor I still see the 3 sheets in the structure. Some lessons have their own individual files which will be linked to in the post.The workbook should work as intended with Microsoft Excel 20, although the videos are recorded in Excel 2010.If you want full control over your table style, you'd better duplicate a built-in style and modify and apply that style to your table. The code comments show you where Excel 2003 differs from 2013, 20. Comment by: Ray Bernard (6/1/2009 PM)For a cell within an Excel 2007 Table (the table is named "Table1"), with banded coloring of cells within the table, the . Color Index property of the cell returns "No fill" regardless of the cell color. Color Index always returns -4142 for both Green and White cells colored by Table banding. Color Index -4142 Then '-4142 corresponds to No Fill. It is essentially an all-in-one Excel Cheat Sheet which includes: Here’s an Excel 2003 version for those of you using it.

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There will be some sections of the Master Workbook that break because the features are not available in 2003, but I wanted to at least post a version that can be opened easier using Excel 2003 and earlier.

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